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Great Length Hair Extensions

great-lengths-extensions[1]We are proud to be a great lengths certified salon!

For an accurate price, please see us for a free consultation. During your consultation, your stylist will help you choose the desired length, effect, and colors to create the look you have been dreaming of!

Beautiful strands of 100% authentic human hair extensions, attached using an extremely high tech heat frequency bond technique. The bonds we use are very gentle on the hair, and are composed of polymer chains and keratin, much like your own hair. Your own hair is not damaged.

Add length.
Add volume and fullness.
Add highlights to your hair! No bleach, no damage, no commitment!
Color Effects

Modern hair extensions are not just about adding length and volume. You can also achieve amazing color effects. For instance, if you have dark hair and do not want to damage your hair with bleach to go light, you can add beautiful highlight extensions! Or, if you have light hair and do not want to commit to staining your strands dark, you can add lowlights!

For those of you with a sense of adventure, in a matter of minutes you can add a splash of bright pink! OR pastel blue, pastel green, jewel green, forest green, jewel purple, jewel red, bright red, bright orange, dark orange, pastel pink, pastel yellow, neon yellow, pastel peach, pastel lilac, dark purple, jewel blue, navy blue.

For Pricing, please call or visit the salon for consultation.

Available in many lengths:

Price for Under 50 Strand:

13 inch / 33 cm 32 each
16 inch / 35 cm 34 each
17 inch / 42 cm 34 each
20 inch / 50 cm 39 each
21 inch / 53 cm 39 each

Price for 50 strand and up:
13 inch / 33 cm 25 each
16 inch / 35 cm 27 each
17 inch / 42 cm 28 each
20 inch / 50 cm 34 each
21 inch / 53 cm 34 each

Fashion Extensions:
Neon, Pastel and Jewel Colors – available in 16 inch / 40 cm 49 each

Swarovski Crystal Diamond Strands:
16 inch / 40 cm length 100 each (comes in black, blonde and brown thread colors)

Great Lengths Hair Extension Removal:
Please inquire for pricing.

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