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Ooh La La…Papaya!
Ultra Luxurious Pedicure

oh-lala-papaya!-pedicureOoh La La…Papaya!
Ultra Luxurious Pedicure QR 150

Exquisite, velvety papaya is used in this luscious, sweet pedicure. Not only does it stimulate the senses with gorgeous scent, papayas properties and elements are highly beneficial to the skin. Papaya extracts contain anti-oxidants, amino acids, silica, vitamin A and other nutrients. They help promote the absorption and retention of moisture levels of the skin, which in turn has a positive influence on the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Natural enzymes found in this wonderful fruit also act as a exfoliate agent, so skin is silky soft. Ooh La La! Juicy, ripe papaya, j’adore!

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