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brow-extensionBrow Extensions
Lusting after Cara Delevingne’s brows? When it comes to modern brows, “thin” is not in. Power brows lift the structure of your face, frames your eyes, and defines your features. How to get them? Brow Extensions. Yes, you heard us correctly…Brow Extensions, ladies! Fashion may change, and Cara Delevingne might go out of fashion one day, but gaps in brows will never be in. So brow extensions are here to stay.
For the follically challenged, we have an amazing new procedure to “fake it if you cant make it”. All fun aside, this is a serious treatment for those of you who suffer from over-plucked, sparse, thin brows. Ideal for those with sparse hair, gaps, or no hair at all. Some woman suffer from brows that don’t grow- this can be due to the aging process, medical treatments, health issues, or simply over-plucking/over-waxing.
This treatment can add hair, increase volume, change the arch, and even extend the brow line. They are applied in a process with placing individual synthetic hairs onto existing finer hairs, or directly onto the skin, with a transparent water resistant surgical-grade adhesive. Our treatment gives a texture and a realistic look that powders and pencils simply aren’t able to do. Powders and pencils do have a time and a place, but they are not completely able to fill in a brow and make it natural looking, and look instead a bit flat and one dimensional. Brow Extensions add a 4D look.
Our brow extensions are customizable and come in different colors. We even have two types of glue- normal, and one for sensitive skin.

Once the brow sheds, the extension will go with it. No damage to natural brow.
With proper care, lasts 7 to 10 days.

This service is great on its own, but is also a wonderful complement to our HD Brows!

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